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TMJ Therapy Treating Jaw Pain

Protect Your Teeth with TMJ Therapy from Cobblestone Dental Center!

women holding neck in painJaw pain, headaches, neck or shoulder pain, or popping and clicking in the jaw (right in front of your ears) can indicate TMJ dysfunction, sometimes called TMD.

Triangular-shaped temporomandibular joints (TMJ) help your mouth open and close. A change in your bite, teeth grinding, or even everyday stress can misalign one or both of these joints and lead to the migraines, facial and neck pain, and interrupted sleep that TMJ dysfunction can cause. Dr. Shah often recommends non-surgical options such as jaw exercises, moist heat, over-the-counter analgesics, or wearing an NTI-tss acrylic mouthpiece to prevent nighttime teeth grinding.

People from all over Maricopa have found relief from their TMJ pain with Dr. Shah at Cobblestone Dental Center. Call us to find out if your symptoms could warrant a more thorough examination.

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