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Protect Your Smile with Inlays & Onlays

Mother and daughter laughingIf you have broken your tooth, or have a tooth that has become compromised by decay, you’ll need to act fast. Saving as much as possible of a tooth’s natural structure is always ideal, and it’s more likely that you can keep your tooth if you call Cobblestone Dental Center immediately. Dr. Shah may be able to help preserve your smile by using natural-colored inlays or onlays in order to repair the dentin and enamel, prevent bacteria from infiltrating the area, and maintaining the appearance of your smile. To schedule an appointment at our Maricopa dental office, please call us today and a member of Cobblestone Dental Center will be happy to help you.

The top of a tooth is covered with naturally forming bumps of enamel, which are called cusps. When a restoration is needed between these cusps, it’s called an inlay. Onlays are the restorations used to fit over one or more cusps. It all depends on where the damage of your tooth is located, but our friendly dental team will be able to determine the appropriate restorative piece for your needs. Inlays and onlays allow a patient to retain their natural tooth, and work to strengthen the overall structure.

Please contact us today if you would like to repair your smile with inlays or onlays, and Dr. Shah’s talent. We treat patients from Maricopa, Gilbert, Casa Grande, Chandler, and the surrounding Arizona cities. If this is going to be your first appointment at Cobblestone Dental Center, we ask that you please take a brief moment to review the helpful information on our new patients page. Our team is ready to help you repair your bite with inlays and onlays!

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