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Fighting Against Gum Disease Therapy

We Promote Total Mouth Health While Fighting Gum Disease

women flossingDo you know what the most common disease in America is? It’s not what you think! Gum disease is present in over 80% of the population, and a majority of people have no idea that they have it. The presence of gum disease can lead to receded gums, loosened teeth, and even complete tooth loss.While there is no cure for gum disease, there are many ways that Dr. Shah and the team at Cobblestone Dental Center can help you stop it in its tracks. Call us today to learn more about our gum disease therapy, and to schedule your appointment.

Basic gum disease therapy includes scaling and root planing, where Dr. Shah will scrape away buildups of plaque and tartar that are present below the gum line. We will sometimes combine this form of gum disease therapy with antibiotic care, to fight infection or to help prevent one from developing. Additionally, our team has the ability to use effective laser treatment to remove any gum disease bacteria and help gum reattachment and rehabilitation. If your case is advanced, we may decide that it would be better to refer you to a trusted colleague who specializes in gum and periodontal therapy. We will do what is best for your needs.

Please contact us today if you believe that you may be affected by gum disease. Dr. Shah treats patients from all over Arizona, including patients from Maricopa, Chandler, Gilbert, Casa Grande, and the surrounding communities. If your gum disease therapy appointment will be your first examination at Cobblestone Dental Center, please take a brief moment to review our helpful new patient information, which we have posted for your convenience. Our team is excited to help you stop the progression of gum disease.

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