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Keep Your Smile Healthy with Dental Fillings

Our Fillings

Women with arms in airDentists have been restoring teeth with silver amalgam for over 100 years. Today, Dr. Shah uses durable composite resin for dental fillings because it simulates a tooth’s natural surface color. Patients concerned about mercury in traditional amalgam fillings will appreciate this metal-free option.

We make the placement of fillings, a common dental procedure, quite comfortable. Ask for a blanket, pillow, or movie when you settle into your chair. Then Dr. Shah will efficiently remove your decay and use liquid composite to fill your cavity. A special light cures and hardens the composite filling. You’ll leave with a healthy smile you can’t wait to share.

If you have a cavity or want your existing silver fillings replaced with composite resin, we will be happy to assist you. Give the Maricopa office of Cobblestone Dental Center a call and our team will schedule your appointment and answer all of your questions.

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