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Keep your Family's Smiles at Optimal Oral Health

family playing in waiting roomIt’s important to keep your teeth healthy throughout your life. Regular checkups allow us to pinpoint problems before they escalate to cause pain or long-term health issues. Dr. Shah, a family dentist, and our helpful team dedicate themselves to optimal dental health care; we encourage regular checkups every six months and an ongoing relationship with our practice to keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

Children have unique oral healthcare needs. Cobblestone Dental Center tailors pediatric services to your little ones. Ask about preventive fluoride treatments, as well as sealants to protect a child’s hard-to-reach back teeth from decay.

You can expect:


If you play sports, the best defense for your smile is an athletic mouthguard. Dr. Shah can custom fit a protective mouthpiece to shield your teeth and gums from injuries.

Accidents happen – especially in contact sports such as football, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. Even mountain biking, one of Dr. Shah’s favorite weekend activities, is known to knock out a tooth now and then when accidents occur. Dr. Shah recommends that active adults and children wear a protective mouthguard.

Dental Sealants

The average tooth has multiple grooves on its surface where many bacteria and food particles and reside. To help protect your teeth, our family dentistry team can apply a clear dental sealant to the area. Sealants work to prevent food and other debris from lodging themselves on your enamel. Talk to Dr. Shah about this procedure to protect your teeth today!

Don’t postpone professional dental checkups. Visit or call the Maricopa dental office of Cobblestone Dental Center. Let family dentist Dr. Shah, our caring hygienists, and our receptionists attend to your needs, answer your questions, and deliver your dazzling smile.

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